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Welcome to the official pages of the Digital Tachograph in Spain. As of 1 January 2006, all vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, or which can transport 9 or more persons, including the driver (save certain exceptions) and which are registered for the first time, must install the new digital tachograph.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport - Ministerio de Fomento has created these pages with the aim of informing about the needs derived from the implementation and use of the digital tachograph as well as to serve as a guide for the users in the administrative dealings that can be completed from this site and from the pages of the Ministry’s electronic venue “Sede Electrónica” of the land transport office “Oficina de Transporte Terrestre” in order to proceed to apply for, update, renew or replace the necessary smart cards to carry out the activities related to the road transport and the digital tachograph.”

In addition, the Ministerio de Fomento provides a free teaching tool to assist professionals in the sector to understand the operation of the digital tachographs. For this purpose they have designed a virtual simulator which simulates the operations of the available devices made by various manufacturers, in most of the situations which may occur during daily use.