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Cards and card issuing

In the new digital tachograph, the analogue tachograph disks are replaced with smart cards based on a chip, the size of a credit card. The chip includes a program which protects the data stored on it and which allows the card to communicate securely with the digital tachograph.

Different types of card

Cards | Types and compatibility

Types and compatibility

The digital tachograph cards may be of four different types:

  • Driver’s Driver: this card identifies the driver and makes it possible to store information on his or her activity for at least the previous 28 days’ activity. The Spanish cards will have a capacity for at least 31 days’ activity.
  • Company Company: Ttis card identifies the company and makes it possible to view, print and transfer the information stored in the tachograph, and activate and de-activate its blocking.
  • Control Control: this card identifies the controlling authority, and the person carrying out the control; it also permits access to the information stored in the driver’s cards or in the tachograph, for the purposes of reading printing or transfer.
  • Workshop Workshop (also known as a garage card): this card dentifies the holder and makes it possible to test, activate, calibrate and transfer data from the digital tachograph.

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