Ministerio de Transportes y Movilidad Sostenible

Digital tachograph

The new Digital Tachograph is similar in appearance to the analogue tachograph. The system comprises a vehicle unit, a speed/distance sensor, and tachograph cards.

The analogue tachograph disks have been replaced by smart cards based on a chip, which store the driving information and provide access to particular functions according to the user profile (driver, company, controlling authorities or workshop). As regards times and speeds, the information stored is the same as in the analogue tachographs currently in use, but it will be practically impossible to tamper with.

The vehicle unit will be installed inside the driver’s cab, so that it can be seen and operated by the driver. The device will be connected to the sensor, which will normally be installed in the gear box and connected to the unit by means of a cable.


Digital tachographs


The implementation in Spain of digital tachographs for newly-registered vehicles, which are required to use and install this monitoring device, began on 1 January 2006.


User’s manual for the ACTIA tachograph